8 Jul 2019

Mariano Vila


He managed the area of Public Affairs at Edelman Argentina, where he worked with clients from diverse industries in issues regarding public-private interactions. He is a specialized political analyst and crisis management, he has great experience in the management of interests, and in 2016 he joined LLYC as a Senior Manager of Public Affairs. After, he took the role of Operations Manager for the firm in Argentina, thus also becoming responsible for the area of Corporate Leadership and Positioning. He undertook a great deal of his career within the national public administration as an advisor for the Federal Tourism Council from the Ministry of Tourism. He was then responsible for developing how to promote Argentina abroad, with responsibilities over the so-called Distant Markets and of coordinating Argentina’s inter-ministerial agenda as well as that of the South Cone and Andean regions, in order to promote those countries in said markets.

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Mariano Vila

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