9 Sep 2020

Georgina Rosell


Senior Director at LLYC. Georgina Rosell has more than 15 years of experience developing programs for major national and multinational clients, including Amgen, CaixaBank, CIRSA Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Crèdit Andorrà Foundation, DKV Seguros, Grünenthal, L’Óreal, Nike, Oxfam, the Red Cross, Sanofi, Telefonica and Unilever, among others. In addition to her role as senior director in Barcelona, she is also the director of Fundación USP Hospitales and CSR director at USP Hospitals. She holds a B.S. in Politics from UAB and a postgraduate degree in International Relations from Katholique Universiteit de Leuven, as well as a master’s in CSR of Barcelona and a postgraduate degree in Business Management and Communications from Instituto de Empresa.

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