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Reports 23 Feb 2023


Our current global context is unpredictable. Companies are increasingly compelled to navigate uncharted waters. Between a somewhat inauspicious macroeconomic context and increasingly polarized, discriminating, and demanding societies, businesses are being asked to achieve multiple – and often contradictory – goals, such as:

A. Providing measurable short-term results.

B. Carrying out the transformation processes that support business sustainability.

C. Responding to social pressures and expectations on key issues such as the environment, diversity, and social responsibility.

In addition to these challenges and generating sales and attracting investment in a highly competitive market, companies are forced to rely on talent that has become more volatile, not always aligning with their employer’s efforts.

At LLYC, we know we must take an in-depth look at these new challenges. Understanding them is the only way we will be able to craft new approaches that can overcome them. We must leave behind the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality to reimagine our work, using technology to unleash our creativity and enhance our focus on people.

With the help of 20 LLYC professionals from a range of specialties and markets, we developed this report to uncover the top ten challenges we believe will be key for companies to face as they work to continue growing and generating value in 2023.

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