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Reports 7 Oct 2022


In an increasingly complex and fast-paced context of proliferating and changing indicators, how effective is marketing today? Beyond sales figures, which dimensions have gained relevance, and which will do so in the future?

In recent years, CMOs and the agencies backing them have been engulfed in a spiral of data gaining more importance than ever before, while also amplifying its dimensions, and embarking on an accelerated evolution. This has triggered a series of changes in the timing of metrics, the professionals who deal with them, the origin of the sources and the type of decisions they enable. The need for flexibility and integration comes with an increasing behavioral focus on anticipating consumers.

Against this backdrop, LLYC’s Consumer Engagement sector was eager to better understand the needs and goals of CMOs. They gathered data by surveying and interviewing more than 100 marketing leaders from companies in multiple markets in Spain and Latin America. Below is a review of the new marketing metrics as seen by the key players, in search of continuous improvement in the effectiveness of what we do.

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