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Reports 26 Jul 2022

The Metaverse Promise

Since Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in October 2021 that Facebook was changing its name to Meta, news related to the word (of the year?) metaverse has continued to break.

However, the concept is not new, nor was it invented by Zuckerberg. In 1992, Neal Stephenson wrote the cyberpunk novel Snow Crash, in which basic concepts such as metaverse and avatar were already coined. Nevertheless, today we are experiencing an explosion, a hype or a new reality that will change our lives forever, or maybe not?

In any case, it is a movement toward the new and unknown that inspires different feelings and attitudes in human beings. For some, it arouses curiosity, the desire to want to be there, to try it out, to lay the first stone. Others, on the other hand, are repulsed by it and predict the same future for it as for Second Life. And some are afraid of the impact it will have on the way we relate, do business, learn or even love.

We are in a time of exploration of the metaverse, but we cannot yet speak of a reality beyond some immersive worlds, as there are unresolved technological barriers and a political-corporate struggle to capitalize on it.

In this report we analyze, among other topics, the role of brands in this transformation, the millions of dollars invested in the metaverse industry and what the not-so-distant future holds

Jesús Moradillo Segura
Director of Deep Digital Business Europe, and founder and CEO of Apache Digital.
From 2014 to 2016, as BDM at Google Spain, Jesús helped more than 100 companies define and implement their digital strategy. Previously, he led digital projects in the media and entertainment industry for more than five years as Digital Marketing Manager and eCommerce Manager. In addition, he is linked to the world of training and startups and has been a mentoring coordinator at Google Campus Madrid, enriching his multi-sectorial knowledge. He holds a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from UVa and a Master's in Marketing and Commercial Management from ESIC.
Imma Haro
 Senior Director of Deep Digital Business at LLYC Barcelona
Imma Haro is an expert in marketing and brand communication, with more than 20 years of experience in advertising, marketing, and digital communication. She has spent most of her career at Havas Group. For the last ten years, she has been the General Manager of Havas Creative Barcelona, which is the Havas Group company engaged in Advertising, Digital Communication, Social Media, and PR. Before that, she held other positions in the Havas Group digital business in Barcelona. Previously, she worked as Director of Loyalty and Interactive Services for the Spanish Federation of Direct Marketing and E-Commerce. She has also conducted intense research and teaching work at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, in the field of interactivity, new media and new consumers.
Marlene Gaspar
Director of the Consumer Engagement area at LLYC in Portugal
She has worked in several different business sectors including banking, distribution, the auto industry, retail, telecommunications, transport and services. She has over 15 years’ professional experience managing communication for brands within multinational advertising firms like Grey, Leo Burnett, Lintas and Young & Rubicam. She also set up a project to create local content: Lisbon South Bay, a blog dedicated to life on the south bank of the Tagus River. Marlene holds a degree in Public Relations and Advertising from the Instituto Superior Novas Profissões and a Postgraduate in Marking and International Business from INDEG-ISCTE.
Patricia Cavada
 Senior Director of Engagement at LLYC Madrid
Patricia has a long track record in the planning area, assisting brands in defining their strategy and positioning, creating and developing communication plans relevant to the audience, and connecting with the brand's purpose. She has worked for agencies such as TBWA, Wysiwyg, and Neolabels as Strategy Director, and in her last role as Head of Brand Marketing & Content for Spain and Portugal at Philip Morris. She holds a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the European University of Madrid. She has completed specialization programs in design thinking at the Miami Ad School and leadership at TBWA's Tiger Academy.
Luis Martín
Director of Deep Digital Business in LLYC
He holds a double degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication from the University San Pablo CEU (Madrid) and has an MBA in Communication Companies Management from IESE/ The University of Navarra. For more than 16 years he has developed his career in the COPE Group where he was the Deputy Director of News and Director of the Digital Area. At CDO, he specialized in the creation and editing of content through new formats and technologies in many digital channels, just like in the development and application of distribution strategies. At LLYC, he has managed clients such as Amazon, Repsol, Calidad Pascual, Unicaja o Enagas. 
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