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Europe 11 Feb 2022

Healthcare Trends 2022: a leading sector in mid-transformation

Where is the health sector heading after two years of a pandemic? The health sector has been deeply impacted by this unprecedented pandemic in the 21st Century, which has radically changed the social, economic, and even cultural context in which we now live.

The different health stakeholders – the pharmaceutical industry, health professionals, institutions, patients, researchers, scientists, and all sector companies – will need to adapt. They will have to adopt measures in their area of expertise to conserve public health, offer a response to new patient needs, and make health systems increasingly more efficient and sustainable. They must also strive to guarantee access to dignified healthcare in any corner of the world.

This report contains the 12 key points identified by the Healthcare team at LLYC which will shape the future of health at a global level. We summarize the main trends that will set the agenda being developed by the health sector.

In collaboration with José Martínez Olmos, Secretary-General for Health (2004-2011) and Senior Public Affairs Advisor; Iñaki Ortega, Senior Director for “Executive” – Management Education – at LLYC and Emilio de Benito, Senior Health Advisor at LLYC. 

Georgina Rosell
Senior Director at LLYC Barcelona
More than 15 years advising the pharmaceutical industry in its cultural transformation, reputation and innovation challenges, including for seven out of the ten main companies in the pharmaceutical industry in the MERCO 2020 Health Reputation Monitor. Daughter of a doctor and a pharmacist, Gina Rosell is also an expert in the socio-health, hospital, care home and medical/scientific sector, a field in which she has a great relational capacity at an institutional level and with the third sector.Her training as a political scientist specialized in international relations, with a Master’s degree in Communication and Sustainability Management offers her a broad-based focus in her organizational challenges with results that have been internationally recognized for their impact, sensitivity and creativity.Georgina has been with the firm for more than ten years, is a Senior Director and heads up the Health Communication Department at a European level.
Javier Marín
Senior Director Healthcare Americas
Javier Marin is a communications and public affairs professional with vast experience in the public and private sectors, having worked with pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences companies for over 20 years. Throughout his career, he has developed social campaigns for disease prevention and health care for the Mexican government. He has also carried out corporate communications, government affairs, internal communications, marketing, digital and social corporate responsibility efforts, as well as led programs for patient associations on the local, Latin American and global levels, working with companies such as Merck & Co. (MSD) and Johnson & Johnson.
Adriana Ibargüen
Health Director at LLYC Madrid
Adriana Ibargüen has a career spanning more than 15 years in strategic communication. After working in different sectors like technology, tourism, and food, she settled on health. She developed most of her career as an expert in health communication and advising pharmaceutical companies and other health stakeholders (insurance companies, scientific societies, patient associations, hospitals, and medical device companies, among others.) She has extensive experience in corporate health, scientific and product communication, patient awareness, engagement with health stakeholders, the positioning of mass consumption products as healthier, the development of digital strategies, and creative campaigns for clients in the health sector.She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, an MBA from EAE Business School, and a Master’s Degree in International Information and Southern Countries from the Complutense University  of Madrid.
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