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Article 15 Apr 2021

Managing the change in social conversation analysis: Our experience analyzing the topic of gender equality

Everything has changed, but it’s all still just the same. The pandemic swamped everything, but we all know that equality – more specifically, gender equality – is the highest priority.

n his 19th-century work “Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy,” Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword” to express the idea that communication has a fundamental influence on how events develop. In the 21st century , the emergence of social media means communication has been dispersed; it no longer rests in the hands of a few. This makes it more difficult to interpret what, how, and through whom the stories that transform society are told.

We live in a tremendously volatile, if not chaotic, environment, one where the speed things happen at requires us to focus on specific people and problems, experiment frequently, fail quickly, and learn even faster.

One clear example of this situation took place in 2020, with the arrival of the pandemic that changed everything: Strategic plans, priorities, ways of working, tools and skills, and – of course – company value propositions. They sought to adapt to the changes taking place in society, institutions, investors, and clients under a cloud of great uncertainty that has forced new and recurring iterations.

At the same time, all these social changes are being recorded in social media conversations, which are available to all companies and executives who know how to interpret them. This can help them form a more suitable response to their business, communication, and corporate needs by reducing uncertainty, anxiety, and pandemic fatigue, as well as offer increased control over business development in alignment with the times.

Discover in this article the challenges an executive should be aware of for the correct start-up on an observatory and the subsequent exploitation of unstructured data.

Ibo Sanz
Global Senior Manager of deep digital business strategy
Ibo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Rotterdam Business School, a certification in AI Elements from Helsinki University and has a long track-record as a business developer in the telecommunications sector at major multinationals. During his eight years at Telefónica, he pushed through the group’s content proposal and took part in the process to change the business model from voice to data. In the 11 years he worked at Vodafone, he headed up the introduction of technology solutions and platforms in m-commerce services aimed at its client base. Also noteworthy was his time at the consultancy firm Gartner, where he worked on analyzing the impact of technological disruption on the income statement of a large number of companies.
Carmen Gardier
Senior Director of the Digital area
Carmen is a professional sociologist with more than 15 years of experience in advertising, content and online marketing. She has worked on international accounts within the fields of B2B, product launch, CRM, loyalty plans, and branding and communication, among others. Carmen has played a fundamental role in growing the Digital Area since she joined the Peru office, consolidating it with clients and developing new business in various sectors.
Miguel Lucas
Data Business Leader at LLYC
He is a Telecommunications Engineer and has a 10-year track record in the design, manufacturing and launching on the market of corporate search engines, open web and deep web. He specialized in designing ranking algorithms for search engines and automated natural language processing. In 2008 he started up the company Acteo, from which he has collaborated with LLYC in the design and implementation of different solutions, such as BEO and MRO in the Digital area, and he has participated in the execution and start-up of numerous digital identity development projects. Miguel is currently Data Business Leader, engaged in developing data exploitation strategies and metrics that contribute value to clients’ reputation and business.
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