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Brazil 7 Apr 2021

Healthcare Trends 2021






The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the health, social, and economic structure nations all over the world. Against this backdrop, certain industries’ strength and trajectory have been key to not only overcoming this crisis, but also to showcasing a high capacity to respond.

The pharmaceutical industry has emerged as the solution during this emergency. Its research role has been fundamental, not just for developing vaccines, but also in the search for coronavirus treatments. Spain’s pharmaceutical industry has led the race for a treatment, and it has been the European country to take part in the most clinical trials (fourth in the world). Thanks to major R&D investments and the constant renewal of production plants, the sector has been able to supply specific COVID-19 medications as well as pharmaceuticals and active ingredients from abroad, in collaboration with the European Medicines Agency (EMA). In a very challenging context, contingency planning and the industry’s dominance have proven key.

The economy needs to be backed by strategic sectors to overcome the crisis, and the pharmaceutical sector is one of these. This industry is a model of quality employment and foresight, also playing a major role in the production and export of new technology. This sector invested the most in R&D, with it accounting for 20% of business spending according to the 2019 survey by the National Statistics Institute on innovation in companies. This investment both has some very clear positive implications in the field of health and is very significant on the economic, social, and labor levels.

Accordingly, the pandemic has provided the pharmaceutical industry with a great opportunity to prove its value as a socioeconomic driver in Spain. Now is the time to evaluate this industry and explore how it can help the country overcome this crisis, as it will provide a very significant part of the solution. We are facing a new era of uncertainty where strength, efficacy, and action is what will restore confidence – a key intangible element of the economic recovery. As an industry, now is the time for pharma to explain itself and do it well, speaking with rigor, authority and, above all, transparency.

Georgina Rosell
Senior Director at LLYC Barcelona
More than 15 years advising the pharmaceutical industry in its cultural transformation, reputation and innovation challenges, including for seven out of the ten main companies in the pharmaceutical industry in the MERCO 2020 Health Reputation Monitor. Daughter of a doctor and a pharmacist, Gina Rosell is also an expert in the socio-health, hospital, care home and medical/scientific sector, a field in which she has a great relational capacity at an institutional level and with the third sector.Her training as a political scientist specialized in international relations, with a Master’s degree in Communication and Sustainability Management offers her a broad-based focus in her organizational challenges with results that have been internationally recognized for their impact, sensitivity and creativity.Georgina has been with the firm for more than ten years, is a Senior Director and heads up the Health Communication Department at a European level.
Javier Marín
Senior Director Healthcare Americas
Javier Marin is a communications and public affairs professional with vast experience in the public and private sectors, having worked with pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences companies for over 20 years. Throughout his career, he has developed social campaigns for disease prevention and health care for the Mexican government. He has also carried out corporate communications, government affairs, internal communications, marketing, digital and social corporate responsibility efforts, as well as led programs for patient associations on the local, Latin American and global levels, working with companies such as Merck & Co. (MSD) and Johnson & Johnson.
Tuca Figueira
Healthcare Communications and Advocacy Director at LLYC in Brazil
With more than 20 years of experience in strategic and health communications, Tuca Figueira has worked for customers such as Hospital de Santa Catarina, Biogen, Alexion, Department of Metropolitan Transportation of the State of São Paulo, PepsiCo., among others. She is specialized in the pharmaceutical area, providing crisis management and institutional branding services. At S/A LL&C, Tuca works in reputation management projects and support to areas of advocacy and marketing, as well as patient organizations and several industries. Tuca has a degree in Public Relations from Faculdade Cásper Líbero, specialization in Institutional Journalism from PUC/SP, MBA in Corporate Communication Management from FECAP/SP and specialization in Public Policy and Advocacy from PEC FGV/SP.

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