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Article 22 Sep 2020

The food sector: six tools to strengthen its strategy and communications

“The pandemic has led to dramatic loss of human life, as well as deep social and economic consequences, including compromising food security and nutrition,” said the FAO, IFAD and WFP in a joint statement on the impact of COVID-19. The fact is, although both the primary sector and the food industry and distribution segments remained open throughout the State of Emergency due to their status as essential services, the food sector overall has suffered (and will suffer) a strong business impact.

Though it is true that the situation caused by COVID-19 has temporarily placed the sector and, above all, its workers (crop farmers, livestock farmers, industry employees, haulers and distribution employees) in the spotlight, giving them unusual recognition for their work, the reality is that the sector faces a complex situation. Now, proper communication with stakeholders has become essential.

During the toughest moments of the lockdown, the entire supply chain was highly proactive in terms of applying safety measures (social distancing, prioritizing card payments over cash payments, using PPE and gloves, etc.). In terms of social support, various distribution chains and the industry itself collaborated with food banks and NGOs to deliver food (Mercadona, Ahorramas, Carrefour, Aldi, Hero España, Ebro Foods, etc.), provide necessary services (for example, Ahorramos opened up its platform at Mercamadrid) or donate PPE. In turn, the crop and livestock farmers, who were certainly affected by the impact on labor, never stopped working in order to guarantee access to quality food throughout the country.


Nieves Álvarez
Senior Director of Corporate Communications area at LLYC in Madrid
Senior Director for Corporate Communication. She has more than 25 years of experience in senior positions in a range of areas, in particular in corporate communication management, institutional relations and CSR. Over the last 15 years she has worked at the DIA Group, first as Director of Institutional Relations (2003-2011), and latterly as Director of External Relations. She was also part of the group spin-off for the stock market flotation of the DIA Group. She has been a director of Ecoembes and a member of the governing boards of ACES and ASEDAS.
Marta Fernández Folgueira
Manager for Corporate Communications area at LLYC
With more than eight years’ experience, Marta has worked in several business areas at LLYC, where she has acquired cross-cutting knowledge of communication and project management (in the field of presidency, attached to the DG of Spain, the field of crisis management and the field of corporate communication).During these years, she has been responsible for the coordination of accounts in such different sectors as Amazon Operaciones, McDonald’s, Vitaldent, Hero and Multiópticas, among others. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio-visual Communication and has a Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication from the European Business School of Madrid.
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