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Artículo 16 Sep 2020

IDEAS+: Fourth post-digital communication challenge: from designing content to designing experiences

Nobody paid anyone for any campaign. Nor was there any press release. There were no organizations behind it. Not even a well-known “influencer.” There was only an everyday client that shared a bad experience on Facebook about how something was dealt with at a local branch of a bank. A normal person who, to their own surprise, shared their video with over a million people in a matter of hours. His name was Noel and his story was as true as it was revealing (Verne, 2016).



We accept, as on numerous other occasions, that any point of contact with a brand can become a positive or negative communication, with an unforeseeable reach. We know this because the media to achieve this are available to the whole world through the digital media and devices.

This is the hyper-transparent environment in which we live. It is no longer a surprise to anyone. So, why do we continue to try and control the media? Why do we spend nearly all available resources to control channels? Wouldn’t it make more sense to exert more energy on the sources? Shouldn’t we work harder on the experiences that cause this communication?

How to link your interest groups to the brand’s contact points.

As never before, the reputation and positioning of brands depends on experiences shared by people on their social media. To approach this in an efficient manner is one of the five great challenges of post-digital communication.

In this article you will see how to deal with the rollout of a narrative aimed at converting people into promoters of a brand within their interest groups.

Iván Pino
Partner and Senior Director of Crisis and Risks at LLYC
Journalist with a degree in Information Sciences from the UCM. He holds a Master's Degree in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility from UNED-UJI and has more than 20 years of experience in Communications and Reputation. He managed communications of the port authorities of Ferrol-San Cibrao and A Coruña. He has advised reputational risk management to companies such as Inditex, Mercadona, Repsol or CaixaBank, among other large companies and institutions. His specialty is focused in communication and digital marketing. Iván is co-author of "Claves del nuevo Marketing. Cómo sacarle partido a la Web 2.0" (2009, Gestión 2000) and editor of the first ebook in Spanish on social media communication: Tu Plan de Comunicación en Internet. Step by Step (2008). Teaching and providing lectures is also a part of his job. He has taught in the Customer Experience Management Executive Program at IE Business School, and in Corporate Communication Masters at Universidad Carlos III, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidad de Cantabria.

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