Data 10 Mar 2020

When talking about equality, what do social networks show?

LLYC’s commitment to a more equal and fairer society is to promote and support, through our communications and public affairs consultancy activities, a social transformation that isn’t just talk, but bring about essential and fundamentally integrating change. So at LLYC we wanted to analyze the online conversation about equality, so that we can make better recommendations to those companies, organizations and institutions that want to be part of this movement and make their involvement count.

We focused on Twitter, still a major conversation starter on social and tradition media. A large part of classic media feeds off Twitter and this phenomenon is seen in politics as an opportunity to define issues, positions, and allies. Some of all this has seeped into the area of equality. Its emergence as a hot topic is due to highly varying factors, aside from the present political situation, but its main advocates are no doubt to be found in the emergence of new political parties and the rise of social media.

This study’s conclusions are based on the analysis of almost 18 million tweets posted between January 1, 2019, and February 15, 2020, on equality and feminism issues in the Spanish language.

Discover the conclusions at “When talking about equality, what do social networks show?“.

This report has been drafted in collaboration with: Nieves Álvarez, Senior Director of Corporate Communications; Juan Carlos Burgos, Manager of the Financial Communication area; Noemí Folgueira, Data Visualization Creative Studio; Miguel Lucas, Data Business Leader; and Carmen Muñoz, Senior Director of Public Affairs.

Luisa García
Partner and Managing Director of Spain and Portugal at LLYC
Garcia is the Managing Director of LLYC’s operations in Spain and Portugal. She is the LLYC partner responsible for the Andean Region, and she also serves as LLYC’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Latin America. She was listed as one of the 50 most influential businesswomen in Latin America by Latin Business Chronicle. She holds a degree in Information Sciences with emphasis on Advertising and Public Relations from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, as well as an MBA from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez de Chile.
Daniel Fernández Trejo
Chief Technology Officer at LLYC
He currently heads up the Technology business unit and is the company’s global CTO. He has worked for 13 years in the design, implementation and launching on the market of multi-device internet services and platforms, having spent a large part of his career working with dynamic international teams, in which he stood out for his coordination and management skills, leadership and teamwork. Daniel joined LLYC in 2011 as Accounts Manager of the Online Communication business unit and in 2017 he was appointed Global CTO. Over the years he has been at LLYC, he has collaborated with companies such as Enagas, Cepsa, Gonvarri Steel Industries, Bertelsmann, L’Oréal and Acciona, among others.
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