Article 24 May 2017

The dawn of the Phygital consumer


As consumers we are increasingly inclined to look for a unified experience where the infinite potential of the digital world and the tangibility of the physical world converge. The phygital experience, with iconic recent examples such as Amazon Go, brings together the best of both worlds with the aim of satisfying these new consumers we have become: one who does not separate based on devices, but based on the needs of the consumption ecosystem.

In this context, the brands that triumph are increasingly those who have a solid, consumer-oriented proposition, helped by a series of technological disruptions that continue to fulfill the function of connecting the physical and the digital world, among these: mixed realities, artificial intelligence, smart data and IoT.

In this Developing Ideas article, which I have penned along with Julio Alonso, Consultant of the Consumer Engagement Area at LLORENTE & CUENCA, we look at the keys of the dawn of this new phygital consumer and the implications for the future of the business model of the brands they relate with.


David G. Natal,  Director of the Consumer Engagement Area at LLORENTE & CUENCA.

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