Article 4 May 2017

Fintech without end

The perpetuation of Fintech companies in Spain should not be questioned. In addition to a highly sustainable business model in international markets,  they count with the ability to democratize and boost the financial sector.

The main characters involved in this change have decided on a series of priorities to be addressed first, such as, the clarification of the existing specializationscurrently, over half a dozen, and the definition of a regulatory framework that would serve as support for innovation and would contribute to the return of society’s confidence in the finacial sector, lost after the crisis. But this, by itself, is not enough to gain this confidence back from investors and clients…

I am fortunate enough to co-write this article for Developing Ideas next to Rodrigo García de la Cruz, Vice President of the Spanish FinTech and InsurTech (AEFI) Association, next to whom I shared some time at the Citi Financial Group that allowed me to discover his passion for the world of finance and technology, and his extraordinary visionary wisdom.

María Díaz , Manager of the Financial Communications Area at LLORENTE & CUENCA

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