Article 26 Apr 2017

The new responsible business conduct. Nothing changes, everything changes.

A new paradigm of sustainability, more holistic and integrated, has come forth in the midst of the corporate environment. Transparency, commitment and transversality are some of the keys that will set the bar in the coming years.

As of today, many stakeholders further link their purchasing decisions to the responsible conduct of companies. To further encourage these practices, organisms such as the OCDE, the ONU or the own stakeholders , are promoting the development of new indicators of competitiveness and good governance.

It is in this new context that companies have two options to ensure their continuation in the future: tangible and real commitment towards sustainability and all it entitles, or demise.

In this article, co-signed with Gina Rosell, Director of CSR and Corporate Foundations Area, Meritxell Pérez, Director of the Financial Communications Area and Carolina Pérez Rioja,Manager of the SCR and Corporate Foundations Area, we strive to delve deeper into this topic and give light to the possibilities that are to come.


Jorge López Zafra, Senior Director Financial Communications Area at LLORENTE & CUENCA, Spain.


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