Article 20 Apr 2017

The marriage of Politics and Economy

Brazil finds itself in a moment of moult and of slow but progressive recovery. These changes occurring in the country situate it in the international spotlight, evidencing its potential in reference to commercial relations. If these trends that can be seen continue on their set course, it may entail very positive change for Brazil and an increasing interest from international onlookers towards the region. Mariano Rajoy’s visit to Brazil and Uruguay, scheduled for next week, evidences the start of these approaches. This juncture presents a perfect opportunity to analyze its actual posture, its Government and the main political and commercial challenges it faces.

In this Developing Ideas’ article, we look to analyze the country and present a snapshot of the current situation, so that it may be used as a guide for those that desire to know in further depth the squabbles they could face whilst initiating commercial relations.

We do not dare to insinuate that a complex country such as Brazil could fit in its entirety in the brief pages of an article, but we aspire to present a short introduction for those foreign to the country and set upfront the opportunities present in a country on the track of recovery and with a growing cautious optimism.


Marco Antonio Sabino, Partner and Chairman of LLORENTE & CUENCA Brazil

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