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UNO 27 The post-truth era: reality vs. perception


As proclaimed by the Oxford Dictionary “post-truth” was the word of the year. In addition, the political and social horizon  support that coming months will come marked by the post-truth scene, that entitles the revitalization of truth, the trivialization of the objectivity of data and the preponderance of emotional speeches.

Clear examples of this are the surprising events, that very few could foretell, such as the decision to abandon the European Union on behalf of the British citizens, the surprising rejection of the Colombian peace referendum with las FARC or Trump’s victory in the american presidential elections.

All these events have a common denominator: personal beliefs have won against logic, becoming convictions shared by society, and thus creating confusion in the public opinion.

In this UNO we address this uncertain scenario and which must be the role of the media to connect with audiences despite the current distrust and lac of credibility.

We invite you to delve in further into this topic in this UNO in English and Spanish.

Arturo Pinedo, Partner and Managing Director of LLORENTE & CUENCA Spain and Portugal

Iván Pino, Senior Director of the Digital Area at LLORENTE & CUENCA

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