Article 21 Mar 2017

Innovation models in the new economy

The reality is that the imminent wave of the Internet and the creation of new technologies have eliminated traditional economic systems, leading to the creation of new business models in recent years. Tourism, communication, transportation, and commerce, to name a few, have been transversally affected by the arrival of the new digital economy.

We refer to a corporate reality and the creation of a market whose actions are evaluated according to intangible parameters such as knowledge and innovation. In this economy, talent is applied to creating products through the use of new technologies in a context of Digital Transformation.

The next article, co-written with Víctor Espinosa, Senior ICT Consultant and Entrepreneur, we analyze Open Innovation as a lever for change in organizations as well as a source of new profiles and work environments, combined with external agents known as “Startup Teams”. We explain the importance of positioning companies in different innovation horizons and analyze various models that define a progressive and networked innovation process.

Sergio Cortés, Partner at LLORENTE & CUENCA, Founder and CEO of Cink

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