Business 16 Mar 2017

Futurology and companies: How to anticipate and influence in the future?

We live in a very convulse era, marked by accelerated change at a economic, social, political, technological … level. What consequences will robotization have in our sector? In what way will user data exploitation modify our business model? What type of financial services will be demanded five years from now? Will self-generated energy consumption drive businesses from energy sales to the rendering of services revolving the distributed generation?

Numerous unknowns open up in all economic sectors. More and more businesses call upon futurology with the goal of analyzing the different scenarios that will appear in the mid an d long term. With this analysis,  strategic plans are elaborated with the intention of achieving competitive advantages with respect to the competition. Firstly, to prepare organizations for the change to come; secondly, to influence the development of variables that will give way to that future.

Corporate futurology has not been as developed in the Latin American countries, as in countries such as the US or Japan, though growth is underway.

In this Report, we address this situation and the implementation of corporate futurology with the collaboration of Jordi Serra del Pino, international benchmark in this discipline.

Cristóbal Herrera, Director of Public Affairs Area at LLORENTE & CUENCA

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