Argentina 24 Jan 2017

Comments on Macri’s first Budget

The absence of a budget prepared by this administration deprived the Argentines of knowing the macroeconomic forecasts of the Government for its first year of management.

This report, written with Lautaro Mazzeo, manager of Public Affairs in LLORENTE & CUENCA Argentina address questions like: How much do you think the government will grow GDP? What will be the value of the dollar, which is a sensitive indicator for the local economy? Will the reduction of the public deficit inherited by the previous administration be gradual or emphatic? If it will be gradual, how will it finance it? And what will happen to inflation, one of the biggest scourges of recent years? These data and some more are outlined and analyzed in the first budget prepared by the “macrista” administration.

Daniel Valli, managing director at LLORENTE & CUENCA
Argentina and senior director of New Business for the
Southern Cone.

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