Digital 12 Jan 2017

Digital participation of the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic

The primary tool of tourism industry businesses around the world is the Internet. It allows them to make their offering available to a global society in search of the best vacation destinations. In addition, social media platforms have changed how brands interact with their consumers and generate engagement, and in general, how content reaches audiences.

For this reason and now more than ever, companies must acknowledge the value of digital assets in order to use them accordingly and optimize their business capacity.

The following study on the digital presence and influence of tourism companies in the Dominican Republic written together with Xavier Pires, director at LLORENTE & CUENCA Dominican Republic and Pamely Hernández, senior consultant at LLORENTE & CUENCA Dominican Republic, describes the challenges faced by many entities that use the Internet merely as a passive display channel and do not take advantage of the opportunities to create a community with consumers.

We invite you to review the results of this study.

Iban Campo, managing director of LLORENTE & CUENCA Dominican Republic

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