Article 17 Nov 2016

What are the requirements for creating a corporate entrepreneurial ecosystem? The key points and challenges for its creation


The great projects of innovation, trends and solutions that are characteristic of large companies do not happen spontaneously. Processes of innovation require the definition of specific processes that promote the creation of new ideas to serve specific needs.

In this environment, where the creation of incorporate entrepreneurial ecosystems plays a crucial part and becomes the essential lever, especially for those companies that are dedicated to the constant development of new products.

In this article, Pilar López and I we explain how innovation within the organisation works, the concept of “innovate from within” that transposes the entrepreneurial spirit of large companies and improves the internal dynamics in order to adapt to the market.

We analyze how this type of entrepreneurship aims to generate ideas, proposals and initiatives from whith the organizations that create business opportunities and that speed up the procedures, allow them to reinvent themselves and to optimize costs.

Sergio Cortés, Partner of LLORENTE & CUENCA and Founder and Chairman of Cink

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