Organisations and Persons 29 Sep 2016

Reputation plays a role in the ability to recruit talent

One of the main problems that companies face in attracting candidates lies in the fact that most companies focus their attention mainly in tangible aspects: conditions, career plan, hierarchy, training…etc. In other words, in Simon Sinek’s golden circle, they address the “What” and the “How”.

However, these two elements alone cannot generate (or explain) the ability to recruit and retain talent today because we are not paying attention to key factor: the “Why”. Why should I decide to spend my best years here? Why should I contribute my talent to this cause? Is there a more inspiring place I could be? Am I improving the world?

This study that we have conducted in collaboration with Pablo Urquijo, General Director at Experis (ManpowerGroup) and with Jon Pérez, analyzes the new trends that govern the decision- making process when choosing a company to work in.

Luis Miguel Peña, Partner at LLORENTE & CUENCA

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