Article 8 Jul 2016

The regionalization of DirComs: Between dependency and autonomy

Latin America and the Caribbean, for quite some time, have earned a place in the global market, as a result of enjoying a political stability that has meant that the region will become an interesting market for foreign investors. This has allowed the diversification of industries and the internationalization of strategies of local companies, a scenario that casued the start of thinking and making changes in their corporate structures. That way it arose the need for a leader to respond to the communication needs of the region: regional Dircom.

This job position is still in process and its roles and functions continue to evolve. This article explains how the regional Dircom not only faces the overall challenges of his position, but also specific challenges that allow them to break paradigms. Starting to achieve the purpose of having a voice in local strategies and critical processes.

Maria Carolina Cortes, New Business Director Andean Region at LLORENTE & CUENCA. 

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