Business 23 May 2016

Reforms 2.0 in Latin America: achieving growth through development

The world has changed and globalization has shortened global distances, showing us that continents are now much closer, which generates new challenges, priorities and markets. Aside from symbols that unite (and unify) a country, there are also characteristics that bring continents together.

The analysis about Latin America’s economic situation has radically changed in very little time. The current scenario is seen in a completely opposite way to what was, until recently, considered the “golden” decade. Nowadays, all international organizations agree that the situation has become frightening.

The challenge is not to recover growth, but to achieve development. In order to do so, a structural change in the development model is required, one based on competitiveness, which will be attained through qualified education, infrastructure and high-tech investments, with the goal of diversifying the production model, adding greater value to commodities.

In this special report Latin America´s scenario is analyzed, its management successes and failures as well as the opportunities of achieving economic and sustainable development.

Arturo Pinedo, Partner and Managing Director in LLORENTE & CUENCA Spain and Portugal

Tiago Vidal, Managing Director in LLORENTE & CUENCA Portugal

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