Dominican Republic 12 May 2016

Dominican elections 2016: three processes in one and more technology in their organisation

Dominican Republic holds presidential, congressional and municipal elections on Sunday May 15. After two decades of having separate elections, they are now reunited in a process in which more than 4,000 elected officials will be elected. The Central Electoral Board (JCE) has been guided in their organizational actions by its intention to provide choices for greater transparency, efficiency and safety.

According to polls, the presidential race would be set for the current President, Danilo Medina. The opposition, which comes divided, aspires to balance forces in the legislative and municipal levels. Two technological developments for this process are the voters verification equipment and electronic counting of votes. The latter has created suspicions so the JCE has accepted the addition of the manual counting to the electronic at the presidential level.

Iban Campo, Managing Director at LLORENTE & CUENCA Dominican Republic

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