Article 5 Apr 2016

Reputational crises and information transmission in social networks

The transmission of information behaves like a living organism. We probably are not aware of the ability to influence we have in our immediate environment. There is no need for many people to stop and look at something for their immediate environment to react in a mimetic way. In crisis situations it is essential to know how we are able to influence not only in our immediate environment. We must understand how in this digitalised society, we can amplify the influence and which are the diffusion elements. Who are the new Gate Keepers? In fact, if we have detailed information about the informative spread we will not need to perform massive awareness campaigns. The networks can be manipulated in terms of models of connections. The key is to know how to operate with the central nodes of the network, and rely on their high informative trafficability, not only in terms of strong connections, but being aware of the importance of weak relations.

Luis Serrano, Director of the Crisis Area at LLORENTE & CUENCA Spain

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