Argentina 10 Mar 2016

UNO#23 New challenges in Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility has suffered in recent years a radical transformation. From voluntary acctions more or less linked to the corporate strategy and instituted transversely seeking a building shared values with the different stakeholders, we have moved to a need for professionalism in business terms.

The answer to corporate questions lie on CSR. How we relate emotionally with our audiences? What links us to them? Can we establish a sincere and transparent dialogue? There are thus new challenges that provide solutions to the needs raised on CSR, such as the use of metrics to allow traceability of CSR actions, management of Gender Diversity, Socially Responsible Investment or sustainable mobility among others are steadily gaining weight.

CSR is alive and we can say that as a practice that is alive it will suffer major changes in the near future. Little remains of the early social marketing instead the Digital level strategic or relationship actions with the consumer based on a solid social storytelling CSR projects will be taking increasingly force actions.

With this number of UNO it is intended to bring to the table some of the challenges of CSR and publicize how this plays a key role in managing corporate reputation.

We invite you to read this issue of UNO in EnglishSpanish and Portugûese-Brasil.

Georgina Rosell, director of the CSR and corporate foundations area at LLORENTE & CUENCA Barcelona

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