Article 21 Dec 2015

6 talent trends for 2016

Talent management is one of the main concerns of companies nowadays, especially in economic growth times with predictions of labor market boost. In this article written together with Almudena Redríguez Tarodo, Manager of Human Capital at Indra, and Jon Pérez Urbelz, Senior Consultant of Organizations and Persons at LLORENTE & CUENCA Spain, we analyze the trends that, according to us, will set the pace the next 2016.

With is article we try to give an answer to questions such as which are the major talent management challenges companies will have to face in 2016? How can we make millennials fall in love with our companies? In short, we provide a vision on how companies can generate more engagement on their workforce and potential candidates

Luis Miguel Peña, senior director of Organizations and Persons at LLORNETE & CUENCA Spain.

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