Article 30 Nov 2015

COP21, sustainable mobility and reputation

The Climate Summit of Paris that starts today, brings together 195 representatives from different countries in addition to the European Union, who shall make efforts to reach a global agreement to fight against climate change

To that end, as it is exposed in this article written in colaboration with Francesc Corberó, Communication Manager at Nissan Iberia, transport will play a key role, since it is estimated that in 2015 around 2500 millions of cars will exist, exceeding the 1000 million existing nowadays.

At the business level, the inclusion of vehicle fleets boosts Corporate Social Responsibility of organizations, reduces polluting emissions, and enhances their strategy for sustainability. These are vital pillars of reputation, in a context in which fight against climate change is an ethical imperative.

María Cura, Partner and Managing Director at LLORENTE & CUENCA Barcelona

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