Argentina 19 Nov 2015

Argentina: from bipolarity to change


In the environments of the three main presidential candidates in the elections of October 25 it was considered that the likelihood of the candidate Daniel Scioli winning the elections was quite high and a significant number of people foresaw a first-round victory. However, ballot boxes proved them wrong.

Less than 3 days to the ballot the political context is not the same. Further on expectations, the potential final results of the second round are still uncertain. Even without knowing who will assume the Presidency, the political map of the country had deeply been transformed.

This report reflects on the beginning of a new cycle for the country.

Santiago Rossi, Director of Public Affairs at LLORENTE & CUENCA Argentina

Manuel Mora y Araujo, Vice President of Mora y Araujo & Asociados and advisor of Ipsos Public Affairs.

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