Article 22 Jul 2015

The post-Gutenberg Agora in the field of Crisis Management

In the post-Gutenberg era in which we find ourselves, when the crisis comes disrupting it all, the author of the information is blurred. In fact, we are witnessing a process of co-creation in which it is difficult to identify where the conversation comes from, even harder if it has a digital origin. However, it also does not seem very relevant to most of the media; information taken out of context, from a tweet, can ruin any reputation.

Until the emergence of social networks, the structure of news was based on a sequential logic. The self-communication breaks the scheme and demonstrates that, perhaps, the theory of relativity can be applied to communication. The tweets of the past come to life dissociated from their context disrupting the usual narrative. Facing this context, crisis prevention strategies are even more necessary. Identifying the communities where they talk about people, corporations or brands is capital. Identifying the major nodes of influence is vital. Owning a real protective shield on all channels becomes critical.

Luis Serrano, Director of the department of Crisis Communication at LLORENTE & CUENCA in Spain

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