Dominican Republic 15 Jul 2015

Conclusions of the World Summit on Political Communication in Santo Domingo


Throughout its seven editions in Latin American, the World Political Communication Summit has become an interaction scenario of the best political communication practices.

The plurality of voices, the variety of ideas and political ideologies and the great hierarchy of the conferences achieve that no actor, in between the field of communication and political marketing, has doubts that this event has become, after seven years, in the biggest occasion for those who search constantly updates, examples of cases of success and innovative techniques in what refers to election campaigns.

The Summit, as its main promoter and president of the International Organizing Committee, declares is aimed to all actors involved in the public, private and governmental communication. Is a desire to boost the search and alternatives to optimize the decision making process and the selection of more adequate strategies.

Politic is not a game of chance, it is a board of strategies. In this line, it is understood that in order to design winning strategies, apart from the skills , the experience is necessary. In the universe of the political communication it is fundamental an interaction and debate between those who act in the field: politicians, consultants, pollsters and journalists.

This report analyses the content of the last Summit hold in Santo Domingo and which has contributed to transfer the concept of the art of the possible from the reputation to the sector of communication, because in the age of the ethics, the politician is the one who should support the strongest example of transparency, leaving behind the age of the traditional aesthetic.

Eduardo Hernández-Aznar, Director at LLORENTE & CUENCA Santo Domingo

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