Business 9 Jun 2015

Regulation is not the same as Prohibition: The major challenge of regulating the food industry in Peru

The 17th May of 2013, the Law 30021 – Law of Promotion of a healthy alimentation for children and teenagers- was passed in the Congress with 57 votes in favor and 4 against. This rule controls the promotion and protection of the right to public health of the children and teenagers through education, development of sport activities, implementation of healthy canteens in education centers and the supervision of all type of information directed to that public in order to decrease and eliminate the overweight related illnesses, obesity and chronic diseases known as non-transferable.

Two years after this Law was passed, finally last April, the Ministry of Health stablished, through the promulgation of the Regulation, the maximum limits for sugar, salt and saturated fat that processed food, sold in the kiosks located in schools should contain.

The promulgation of the Regulation has generated, again, an intense discussion about the advisability and conformity of regulating the consumption of processed food with a high content of sugar, salt and fat.

Rosa Ana Balcázar, Senior Director of Public Affairs at LLORENTE & CUENCA Peru

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