Brazil 29 May 2015

When a draw is considered a victory state visit and new round in the brazil-mexico trade agenda


The official visit of the Brazilian president, Dilma Roussef to Mexico opens a new round of agreements that search to improve the relationship between the two main Latin American economies. The same way it opens the door to a new stage where the relationship between both countries is enforced; characterized by difficulties and complexities.

In a time where both countries need, maybe more than ever, to enforce their international image and their economies, the perception that “together we do more” seems to be the path to follow. However it will be a path full of challenges where Mexico and  Brasil expect a lot the one from the other, specially better conditions in order to strengthen their commercial bounds. But, what do they expect after this meeting?

Guillermo Máynez, director senior en LLORENTE  & CUENCA  Mexico

Thyago Mathias, Account Manager at LLORENTE & CUENCA Brazil

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