Elections and Politics 27 May 2015

Amendments to customer service regulations in Spain


Regulating customer services entails significant consequences for consumers and the companies that offer services or products regardless of their means. Protecting the rights of consumers and users must be compatible with the operation of business and productive structures of companies and should also protect their competitiveness.

Therefore, the regulations governing this sphere have a direct impact on the business results of companies. The government is drafting a new regulation which will seek to establish a certain degree of balance between both groups, while complying with the regulations established to this end by the European Union. However, it seems impossible for it to avoid a debate on the scope of the raised measures, since consumer associations will ask to enhance their scope and companies will need to face new burdens arising from these new legal obligations.

This report also analyzes the pending regulation that shall be passed in the coming year. Moreover, we highlight the views of consumer organizations and those of the opposition in order to establish the best possible business strategy to influence the future regulation.

Cristóbal Herrera, Senior Consultant of Public Affairs of LLORENTE & CUENCA

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