Elections and Politics 9 Apr 2015

Peru: censure and a recomposed Government. What can be expected of the Cateriano Government?


The current situation of the Government of president Humala is rather challenging, as it played its trump card through the vote of confidence and appointed Pedro Cateriano Bellido as the new Chief of Staff after the approval of the motion of censure against former Premier Jara a few days before Easter Holidays.

Potential scenarios range from the approval of the new Cabinet by Congress, granting it a vote of confidence in order to extend its management until 2016, when the Government of President Humala will finish, to a more negative scenario which would imply a second consecutive motion of censure against the Cabinet, meaning the President would have to dissolve Congress.

In recent days, Chief of Staff Pedro Cateriano has dampened the fires of the disputes with the opposition who, until recently, considered Cateriano to be a confrontational politician, who avoided any type of dialogue and raised many doubts, although was very close to the Presidential couple.

The former minister of Defense and current President of the Council of Ministers seeks consensus and dialogue and, to that end, has organized a series of meetings with the leaders of the opposition which will be held over the next weeks. This measure seeks to pave the way for the following 30 days, when a new Cabinet of Ministers will need to be appointed and Cateriano shall ask for the vote of confidence in Congress.

Rosa Ana Balcázar Suárez, Director of Public Affairs of LLORENTE & CUENCA Peru

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