Business 10 Mar 2015

Ministries implementing Works for Taxes in Peru: light at the end of the tunnel

In a particularly dynamic political context, with presidential elections to be held within a year and a half, it could be asked whether the new management of the government will continue promoting high-impact mechanisms such as the Works for Taxes and Public-Private Partnerships which foster regional, local and now sectorial public investment.

Many people expect these useful tools which reduce the huge deficit that Peru has in the fields of social and economic infrastructure not only to continue working, but to become larger and broaden their scope to expand beyond the current sectors (Education, Health, Security and Agriculture) and cover fields such as Transportation, Sanitation, Culture and Social inclusion through public-private partnerships.

The report shows the most recent changes in relation to Works for Taxes and the great opportunities provided to several sectors in order to implement their investment budgets directly through this mechanism.

Rosa Ana Balcázar Suárez, Director of Public Affairs of LLORENTE & CUENCA Peru

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