Elections and Politics 31 Oct 2014

2015 Spanish Territorial Power Distribution


The 2015 Elections to be held in May will shape a new landscape in relation to political power throughout the whole Spanish Territory. In 2011, the Popular Party won in almost all autonomous and municipal Governments. From that point onwards, the electorate has fragmented with the emergence of a group of disillusioned center-right voters (without a clear option to vote for) and leftist-citizens (who largely support Podemos). 2015 will probably be the year of a deep revolution in all councils and autonomous Governments. Based on a thorough analysis of the potential results, there will be only one absolute majority throughout the Spanish political map: Murcia. In the remaining regions, post-electoral alliances will be mandatory to shape the new political landscape.

Sociologist José Antonio Gómez Yáñez, political consultant Francesc García Donet and the CEO of LLORENTE & CUENCA, Cristóbal Herrera collaborated in this report.

Joan Navarro, Partner and Vice-President of Public Affairs of LLORENTE & CUENCA

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