Article 29 Sep 2014

Deconstructing Communication

The Great Recession, which started in the U.S. but was much more severe in the countries of the Old Continent, has entailed a change in the operative environment of companies characterized by the increasing loss of citizens’ trust in traditional leaderships, including corporate leaderships.

In short, there is a new paradigm in the business sphere which, together with the global emergence of new technologies and, specifically, the empowerment of citizens through social networks, has brought to the table the need to restore the citizens’ trust in the financial corporations and institutions.

This new landscape implies, above everything, that the added value that communication must provide to the organizations is a renewed concept of reputation which must be achieved through the multiple availably channels to reach specific audiences and stakeholders.

This speech made by José Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and President of LLORENTE & CUENCA, at the plenary session of the latest World Public Relations Forum held in Madrid highlights the importance of regaining the citizens’ trust and credibility; this is the challenge of the current context in which the society is increasingly distrustful, skeptical, cautious and demanding in relation to corporate behaviors, much more than in previous years.

Jorge Cachinero, Corporate Director of Reputation and Innovation of LLORENTE & CUENCA

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