Brazil 16 Sep 2014

Brazil 2014 elections: death of Presidential Candidate Campos, Marina Silva’s candidacy and the impact of Twitter on the presidential candidates’ Reputation


On August 13 former Candidate Eduardo Campos passed away in a tragic air crash. Marina Silva, former Minister of Lula’s Government, was appointed as the Presidential candidate for PSB. The Brazilian electoral landscape is changing and Marina has emerged as the main alternative to the candidacy of Dilma Rousseff, current President of Brazil.

Following the 10 days after the death of Campos during which the candidacy of Marina Silva was confirmed, Twitter became a hive of activity with countless conversations about the potential candidates to run for President of Brazil.

In this report I analyze with the collaboration of Pedro Borges, the statements made by the main influencers on Twitter and establish a reputational context for each of the candidates.

Juan Carlos Gozzer, Managing Director of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Brazil

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