Article 1 Jul 2014

How can LinkedIn help your business to connect with your target clients


Over 300 million professionals connected, with almost half of them logging in on a daily basis. 3 million business websites. Two new users every second. Does anyone still have doubts about the potential of LinkedIn as the perfect channel to improve the reputation of companies?

Many companies have not yet discovered the huge potential that this particular social network has, whose positioning differs from other digital environments such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. LinkedIn should not only interest human resources managers (whose daily work has significantly changed due to the emergence of powerful professional search engines such as LinkedIn Recruiter), but also CEOs and Communication, Marketing and Commercial Directors, among others.

This d+i article seeks to show the general circumstances of this environment in order to understand the way in which LinkedIn can help us achieve our business objectives from both a company and professional point of view.

Jesús Álava Antón, Senior Consultant of Online Communication of LLORENTE & CUENCA

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