Organisations and Persons 3 Jun 2014

From internal communication to employer branding

Now that there are signs showing an improvement in the economic field, the slow reactivation of the labor market will be a major challenge for companies, beyond merely achieving business objectives. Now, corporations will need to attract, but especially, retain the talent that they require and which, ultimately, ensures their long-term sustainability.

Having trained and experienced talent that meets the requirements of the company depends on several factors, but especially on the emotional link which transforms the traditional business-employees relation into a true person-person relation. Because, after all, for an employee to be a true prescriber of the company, he or she must feel identified with the aforementioned corporation not only from a professional point of view, but also personally. And it is there where an important factor comes into play: brand value; the features for which a company is perceived as a good place to work.

This report covers the reasons to implement an Employer Branding project in an organization, how to do it and to which end, through a global approach which any company or sector can benefit from. Because the old “internal communication” is not enough to explain the current relation and communication between a company and its employees and potential employees.

Luis Miguel Peña, Senior Director of Reputation and Employees

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