Argentina 2 Apr 2014

Reputation and Citizenship

The events organized on April 1 in Buenos Aires at the San Andrés University and the Jockey Club respectively marked the launch of the third book of d+i LLORENTE & CUENCA: “Reputación y Ciudadanía” (Reputation and Citizenship) in Latin America, Portugal and Spain.

As with the previous two issues, which covered the dimensions of Innovation and Leadership in relation to Reputation respectively, this new book of d+i LLORENTE & CUENCA is also a joint work. In this occasion, we are proud to have had the collaboration of Professor Charles Fombrun, Founder and Chairman of the Reputation Institute and author of the Prologue as well as the Epilogue written by Paulo Nassar, President of the Associação Brasileira de Comunicação Empresarial (ABERJE) and professor doctor and tenured lecturer at the Escola de Comunicações e Artes da Universidade de São Paulo (ECA-USP).

Reputation and Citizenship focuses on the citizenship dimension of the Reputation and thus covers the social changes and new citizen empowerment dynamics that are currently being implemented and whose impact is strongly influencing the fulfillment of the Vision, Objective and Strategic Plans of financial corporations and institutions. This book also highlights the opportunities that companies have in order to sustain their competitive advantages through the management of Reputation, the relationship with the Regulator and the use of new ICTs.

In the current context, citizens have a growing power of initiative and social importance which directly affect the business models of financial corporations and institutions which permanently need to obtain social permission to operate in the markets.

Business and financial organizations will not be sustainable in the long-term unless they manage and prioritize their Reputation.

In fact, one of the main challenges for the management of Reputation of financial companies and institutions –and also for countries and governments– is providing responses to the demands of citizens, increasingly critical and demanding, who exert an activism that will only be satisfied through organizations being trustable, committed and transparent. In short, through the protection, improvement and enhancement of their Reputation.

Jorge Cachinero, Corporate Director of Innovation in LLORENTE & CUENCA, Professor at the IE Business School of Madrid and member of the Scientific Council of the Real Instituto Elcano

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