Article 11 Mar 2014

Early identification of social media opinion trends is crucial in crisis management

In recent years, the communication sector has undergone a significant transformation due to the emergence of social networks. This new environment poses new challenges and opportunities. One of the main challenges that the professionals of this sector will need to face is the increasing complexity of managing communication crises.

Digital media and social networks are the main responsible elements for this change. On one hand, the visibility of reputation risks which could affect an organization has increased exponentially. On the other, the scope of any potential problem has greatly grown, and now the business prestige, the result of countless years of efforts, could collapse in a matter of minutes.

However, social media have also become an excellent early surveillance tool. Contrary to popular belief, most crises do not simply spark off by surprise. Therefore, it is essential to go beyond the traditional monitoring strategies and implement a risk trend identification monitoring system. In fact, this online risk surveillance system allows companies to put the focus on those risks that concern them the most.

This report analyses the keys of this new environment, the challenges and opportunities that communication experts will have to face now and the main features that a good online risks monitoring system should include.

Luis González, Director of Crisis Communication of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Spain
Iván Pino, Director of Online Communication of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Spain and Portugal

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