Argentina 16 Jan 2014

The electoral outlook for Latin America in 2014: continuity and regional heterogeneity

Last year was a special historical situation in Latin America. The political trends that had been marking the political landscape of the region for almost a decade finally consolidated. These democratic, uninterrupted political processes, with a few exceptions, entailed a time of economic strength and political and social stability.

Although there are clear signs of economic slowdown in certain countries, it appears as these dynamics of continuity and political heterogeneity will not only prevail, but shall be strengthened at the presidential elections to be held throughout this year in Latin America.

This report analyzes the issues that will shape the political and electoral landscape of the region in 2014, focusing on each of the regions that will hold an electoral process in the course of this year.

Jorge Cachinero, Corporate Director of Innovation at LLORENTE & CUENCA, Professor at IE Business School and Member of the Scientific Council of Elcano Royal Institute

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