Communication 18 Jul 2013

Managing Food Alerts in the Reputation Economy

Feeding is not just another consumer act. It is part of our culture and something we do several times a day out of necessity. Moreover, nowadays food and health are directly interrelated. Therefore, any problem affecting a food product, even when it is not detrimental to health, is likely to become a trending news. And this great concern justifies the pressure which consumers exert on the business world, which they “force” to provide safe products.

As regards the legal scope, health alerts are an informative mechanism, confidential in principle. However, in parallel to the regulation, food alerts have an economic impact on the affected companies, to the point of causing irreversible damage to their reputation and, consequently, to their business. And this is precisely why the management of the alert is so important, from both a legal and a communication point of view.

This Special Report that I have drafted together with Vicente Rodríguez Fuentes, Lawyer of Legal Agrifood and Carolina Pérez, Senior Consultant of LLORENTE & CUENCA, seeks to establish guidelines for companies to manage these health alerts, providing certain keys to minimize the damage from both a legal and reputational point of view.

Luis Miguel Peña, Senior Director of Communication and Litigations of LLORENTE & CUENCA

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