Article 20 Jun 2013

Obesity and control strategies

Governments, the private sector and the civil society across the world have created several strategies to face a public health issue; overweight and obesity. In some countries, patterns and practices associated to both problems have been identified; to the extent of becoming a political and social activism banner.

Cristóbal Herrera in Spain and Alejandro Vázquez and me in Mexico have analyzed the high-impact strategies to prevent and control overweight and obesity around the world, with a special focus on Latin America, in order to identify patterns and propose several approaches which promote the creation of public affairs strategies related to this problem. You can find the conclusions in the article “Obesity and Control Strategies” in this website.

Among the identified control strategies we found: 1) Combined media campaigns and strategic relationship; 2) Labeling; 3) Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship of Products; 4) Limiting the use of specific ingredients and 5) Imposing and/or increasing taxes on products.

Juan Rivera, Partner and Managing Director of LLORENTE & CUENCA Mexico

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