Business 27 Feb 2013



The report “Peru: 2013 Business Prospects” summarizes a series of visions which might differ in some cases, but in general recognize a single trend: to take advantage of the current economic growth that Peru has been experiencing to develop high-impact policies in order not only to maintain this growth, but to further enhance it. This requires a permanent leadership, focused on the future, which recognizes the rights and wrongs of the past and promotes a new approach which covers all aspects of the life in society. It no longer is a mere CSR-related affair.

Considering the low quality of public institutions and the poor management processes needed to implement the urgent investment projects that the country requires, businessmen need to play a much more proactive role, providing everything that the State lacks, transferring competences, helping it improve its management processes, being a more active player in national politics and aligning their social initiatives with public policies and programs developed by the Government.

Phenomena such as the growth of the emerging class, for example, which has raised the levels of domestic consumption, show that the general welfare includes that of companies. Business leaders have confirmed that they must assume their legitimate place and function within the public sphere. They have understood that sustainability calls for concepts such as Corporate Integrity, i.e., assuming our responsibility at all levels. As one of the respondents already stated, it is no longer an option, but a requirement.

Rubén Cano, Manager of Public Affairs of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Peru

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